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April 5, Jupiter–Pluto new cycle conjunction at 24° Capricorn, still conservative radio host Alex Jones of surwinggiti.tk, born February 11 ). . the whole sequence of astrological events in the year , with its.

Since he has released numerous translations from Latin and Arabic, including natal, mundane, electional, and horary works, as well as the introductory manual Traditional Astrology for Today. He offers lectures on MP3 for astrologers and speaks to astrology groups worldwide.

This lecture will be a brisk look at several traditional methods for showing happiness, prosperity, eminence, and authority in the birth chart. See how celebrity and fame were discovered in traditional astrology! Using traditional methods, you will find that these Lots are easy to work with and extremely helpful in client work, with revealing information and helping clients make good life choices.

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Steven Forrest is the author of several astrological bestsellers including, The Inner Sky. His work has been translated widely and he has traveled world-wide teaching his brand of choice-centered evolutionary astrology—an astrology which integrates free will, grounded humanistic psychology and ancient metaphysics. Over two thousand people have passed through his Astrological Apprenticeship program since its inception in He won the Regulus Award for Education. Not to be confused with the high-jinx of transiting Mercury retrograde, its progressed retrograde periods only happen once in a lifetime.

They last a couple of decades. During that time, your memories both of this lifetime and prior ones are undergoing a transformation. You are in essence re-writing your personal history, turning innocent delusion into true wisdom. And when Mercury goes Direct, stand back: if you got the retrograde years right, people are lining up to buy your book! Surrendering and letting go — both of them sound certifiably spiritual, and both skills are in the domain of Neptune.

But are they always the right path? Where Neptune lies, life offers you a portal to a higher state. To pass through it, certain human experiences must be claimed. How do we discern where we should NOT let go, where we should never surrender? Your soul depends on your answer.

We all encounter doubters. Some are just ignorant. Some actually attack. How can we respond? Often it is inappropriate to offer a lecture. Getting angry never works. What we need are quick responses: zingers aimed at informing people and making them think rather than hurting anyone.

Our Holy Grail is a laugh that also enlightens. Over the years, Steven has come up with a few of them. Zodiacal signs provide different kinds of powers to certain planets. Beyond domicile and exaltation, ancient astrology contains two additional rulership systems — triplicities and bounds. Discover how to use triplicity lords to fine tune timing, distinguish between the various topics of each house, and assess overall esteem and support a person can expect to receive.

The bound term lords, keepers of the boundaries, provide a key to the relative autonomy, ease or restrictions that a planet is allotted.

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Demetra George M. Classics is a pioneering mythic-archetypal astrologer, who studies and translates Greek astrological texts, as well as the transmission of classical doctrines into the Arabic and Medieval worlds. Recipient of the Regulus Award, her work provides the keys to understanding all forms of traditional astrology.

The asteroid goddess are voices of the feminine. She does this through astrology, tarot, energy work, writing, teaching, and mentorship. Astrology can provide a cosmic framework for understanding the impacts of dehumanizing social structures, and then act as a tool for liberating ourselves from perspectives that erode humane connection with ourselves and the world around us.

This is radical self-care; this is astrology as fierce compassion towards a more loving world. Hill documented the natal and transit health influences of the Lunar Nodes and the medical impact of eclipses by sign and conjunct natal planets. An internationally recognized researcher, Hill published significant statistical research on astro-genetics and astro-seismology and maintains and international consulting practice.

This fascinating and practical workshop provides a basic method for defining innate health weaknesses in the natal chart, plus their potential remediation.

Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for December 15-21, 2013 by Nadiya Shah

Judith leads us through the basic steps of medical chart evaluation with riveting case studies. Next, discover how transits can trigger off these dormant patterns. Traditional remediation included. Surprise guest! A rare event.

A transit eclipse occurs conjunct a natal planet. This is a big deal! First, who and what does the eclipsed planet signify in your personal life? What are its mental, emotional, medical or vocational implications? Medical Astrology-Herbalism was the primary medical model of Renaissance physicians. Ancient and Renaissance doctors were in fact, expert astrologers and skilled herbalists!

Judith will explicate the specific herbal families traditionally selected for treatment based on the expressing symptoms, natal chart indications and current transits. Also covered:underlying planetary energetics. His father James Hillman is the originator of Archetypal Psychology. Fluent in five languages, he is adept at understanding cultural differences and translating that skill into a wide variety of organizational settings in his worldwide archetypal coaching practice. Laurence lives in St. From fortune companies to mom-and-pop shops, from NGOs and Charitable Foundations to Government departments, every kind of organization is caught in the maelstrom of our changing times.

This keynote offers a systematic, proven, and effective path for archetypally minded astrologers to help organizations cope with internal and external changes. This workshop introduces the participants to a system for assessing and then working systemically with any organization through archetypal lenses. His orientation is interpersonal and archetypal — focusing on embodiment of soul, and ensouling of body. Jason also teaches a graduate-level continuing education program for therapists drawing on the astrological tradition in their work, using experiential methods such as psychodrama and astrodrama.


We feel contact from others most closely — and often alarmingly to our put-together Daytime selves — when they connect with us through Lunar needs, Venusian attractions, Martian passions. In the shifting and often-destabilizing spaces of Night and relationship we encounter mystery and depths in ourselves and others unknowable in daylight. Mars lies poised within us like the reflexes in our bodies: ever ready for action. The alchemical initiation story of Nergal, the Mesopotamian imagining of Mars, as well as the psychotherapeutic initiations of individuals with notable Mars signatures, offer a rich and deeper view of Mars in the birthchart as well as his home signs Aries and Scorpio.

We will also explore transits to and by Mars as initiations, during which impulse and desire may be tempered into purposeful power.

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Yet what mysterious ends might they also serve? Cheryl is an intuitive, astrologer, channel of high frequencies and empowerment coach. Her passion for astrology was lit after a life changing consult with her first teacher and spiritual mentor. Cheryl incorporates astrology, channeling and energy work to help others embrace their purpose and know they deserve the best that love and life have to offer.

The natal chart is uniquely suited to the healing and counseling professions especially when interpreted in an evolutionary or spiritual astrology context.

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Whether you read it or use it as an adjunct to your counseling or coaching expertise the intention to help the client is the same within the different approaches. Mark Jones is an Astrologer, Psychosynthesis Therapist, and Hypnotherapist based in South Wales and working with clients and students all over the world.

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Mark is a regular speaker and workshop leader in North America. In this workshop, Mark will present a vision of the natal chart as a template for understanding ourselves in relationships.

This dynamic vision draws upon a developmental model that will transform our understanding of the natal chart. This workshop focuses on the nature and meaning of the inner planets: Mars, our instinctual reality; Venus, our personal magnetism; Mercury, our communication style and the Moon as the fulcrum of the personal self. In this talk, Mark will explore the role of Pluto, the lunar nodes and their rulers in the charts of when people meet a destined collaborator or key helper in their life journey. Exploring such examples as Lennon and McCartney, Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan, the talk will explore the power of the transiting nodes to Pluto or transiting Pluto to the lunar nodes and their rulers in life-changing meetings between people.

Jessica Lanyadoo has been a consulting astrologer since Understanding your heredity is a key part of understanding what needs to be healed in this lifetime. The past, present, and future are all in the same document of the natal chart. In this talk we will explore how to use the birth chart to read conditions that are passed down through generations.

Come with questions to this lively talk!