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Dragons have a will and mind of their own.

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They can be eccentric, but are always passionate and stand true to their own beliefs. They have strong personalities, driven by their love for inspiring others and for creating positive changes for humanity.

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Dragons focus on fulfilling their dreams in harmony, receiving recognition for their contributions and wealth for their whole life. The Dragon is the bringer of good luck -- having a Dragon as a friend will create great luck for you.

Year of the Dragon: 2020 Horoscope (Zodiac Dragon Fortune & Personality)

The Dragon woman in love: Dragon women are charming and enjoy flirting throughout their lives. When they find a great partner, they will first hide him or her in the swamp to enjoy the relationship privately. A Dragon woman is looking for a partner that understands her soul and that can live with the incredible power she carries as a Dragon.

A confident, accomplished lover is the best fit for her. Among the 12 animal signs, the Monkey has the most tacit understanding with the Dragon people. The cunning Rat can be a good partner with the Dragon to make something big.

Year of the Dragon

The Dragon people can live happily with the Snake , for the Snake can prevent the Dragon from behaving outrageously. People under the signs of the Rooster , Pig , Rabbit , Goat , Tiger , and Horse like to be friends with the Dragon, as they admire the Dragon's beautiful bearing and strength.

Two Dragons can get along well with each other. However, the relationship between the Dragon and the Ox people is usually tense, because both of them are majestic.

The people whom the Dragon feels headaches with the most are the Dog people. They feel uncomfortable due to the Dog 's close guard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Chinese Horoscope - Dragon

    University of California, Berkeley published Fall It is possible to receive some news regarding a pregnancy during this period. It is good, in this regard, to carefully check your Feng Shui zone. Compatibility: The Dragon sign is compatible with the Monkey and the Rat natives.

    Some of the best compatibilities from the Chinese zodiac are between these signs. Give yourself some space and your relationship is going to be pleasant. The Chinese horoscope foresees for the Dragon natives an excellent state of health at the beginning of the Earth Pig Year of , which is going to give them enough physical resources for the rest of the year. The Chinese Horoscope recommends to take as many breaks as possible and to take time off to relax all throughout the year, whenever you have the chance.

    Starting in April, you need to be more careful about your health and it is a good idea to make time, periodically, for physical and mental recovery.

    Year of Birth by Chinese Horoscope

    You are going to have the opportunity to go on relaxation trips to special locations to restore your morale. It is necessary to have a balanced diet during this period, together with your life partner. Because the office is associated with professional success, keep the money in the Western side of your office, and, in the East, set a plant that can permanently oxygenate your brain so you can make money with your creativity. A Feng Shui remedy for is a Medicine Buddha , which is a well-known remedy for health, happiness, and joy.