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April 5, Jupiter–Pluto new cycle conjunction at 24° Capricorn, still conservative radio host Alex Jones of surwinggiti.tk, born February 11 ). . the whole sequence of astrological events in the year , with its.

Entertain people and set the evening ablaze with your arsenal of jokes and gags, says Ganesha. But save valuable time and energy for other pressing matters and responsibilities too. Ganesha says you will be able to show your love and appreciation for your beloved. Small issues will crop up and keep you tensed and uncomfortable today. Just remember good days and old memories and life will seem good again.

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It is essential to have confidence in yourself if you want to go ahead in life and be happy. Investing in real estate could yield maximum profits today, says Ganesha. An unusual gain from speculative trade is also on the cards. But you may need to spend time in the waiting room, before a more profitable opportunity comes by. You may just reinvent yourself to a happier self and savour every moment of life, predicts Ganesha. Settling for a new, better employment will help you fast-track your career growth.

Libra Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

A telephonic interview might ring in a new offer. A lucrative deal with an MNC would serve well. Your dedication and devotion to work will also peak today, says Ganesha. Things may just fall in to your lap today. You will help those in need but will get extremely upset when the out come is not as per your expectations, feels Ganesha.

It is not an encouraging sight and it will affect your confidence adversely. But, you are over-reacting, as these disappointments are not as big as they seem. Keep your chin up and get ready for a new tomorrow. Today, you will iron out any trouble with ease.

Libra daily horoscope – March 9 12222

But you may choose to play martyr and shoulder a bit of blame. That's quite a lot to do for others, even if it is done out of compassion. You may think you are setting standards for others to follow, says Ganesha, but that may not be the case.

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  • You will feel very emotional about those who are close to your heart. Those people who know you will endear you because of this quality of yours. But Ganesha adds a word of caution; take care of those people whom you hold close to your heart because in your sentiments for them you might not notice their bad qualities or forgive their mistakes.

    You might feel fastidious today and spend time to groom yourself in a saloon or beauty parlour. Follow us on :. With each new day, comes a new set of opportunities and obstacles.

    Being prepared for what's in the store is always better. Check out the astrology prediction for your zodiac signs for March 9.

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    Complete your TV viewing experience with the best of Hollywood entertainment channels. Check out what is for you in this planetary Mercury In Scorpio: In this article, know about the developments as Mercury enters Scorpio and Mercury transit effects on the 12 moon signs Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Pisces and Libra Nature and Nuances The flowy and sentimental personality of the Piscean comes up against the balanced, breezy air of the Libra.

    Can these two signs Pisces and Libra build their future together, in a happy and healthy space? Pisces man and woman ruled by this sign are extremely sensitive, caring, and gentle. They are emotional beings who will go above and beyond their limits to help those around them, while expecting nothing in return. They are also known for heir patience and empathy towards other beings. The symbol of the seventh sign of the zodiac is a balancing beam. Those born under Libra try very hard to please their loved ones and hate hurting anyone, be it knowingly or unknowingly.

    Libra monthly horoscope - December

    They are kind, gentle, and non-judgmental people. Pisces and Libra Love Compatibility Since Libra is an air sign and Pisces is a water sign, they will tend to engage in a free-flowing, calm, and even-tempered relationship.

    The association of the Pisces man and the Libra woman will mostly be devoid of any clashes as both of them will be peaceful enough to comprehend one another. So will be the case for a Libra man and a Pisces woman where the level of understanding will be in favor of their union.

    Visit Pisces Compatibility to know how Pisces compatible with other zodiac signs. This way, they can both build their bond from the ground up. Pisces and Libra are both very kind to anyone and everyone around them. This is why, people look up to this pair and have a sense of respect towards them, as individuals and as a couple. Libra and Pisces are both very understanding and even in the case of a fiery fight between the two, they tend not to stay angry with each other for too long.

    They are both perfectly capable of looking at both the sides of the argument and see the bigger picture in case of a small disagreement. Cons of the Pisces Libra Relationship While they are both very understanding of each other, they will struggle to see eye to eye on many occasions.

    They are intrinsically different and have some very divergent core beliefs. The Piscean is a sensitive and emotional zodiac sign , while the Libra is relatively reticent. On the other hand, the constant emotional dependence displayed by the seventh sign of the zodiac can be frustrating for the Libra. Hence, there are a number of problems that might threaten their relationship together. However, if they work on building mutual understanding and trust, they can definitely overcome every challenge together.

    This will only help them grow closer and add more value to their equation. Conclusion Pisces and Libra is not a strongly compatible pair on paper, but if efforts are put in the right direction from both the sides, it can definitely cross the toughest of hurdles.

    Planetary Row

    The Pisces Libra bond will come up against many challenges to keep itself afloat. However, if they truly love each other and want their relationship to work, they have enough loyalty and maturity within themselves to find a permanent home in each other. Share on.

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